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Closely Held Business Attorneys

Durkin & Durkin, LLC can guide clients through the maze of legal
issues related to setting up and running a small business in
compliance with state laws and regulations; issues regarding legal
liability, workplace discrimination, workplace safety regulations,
employment contracts and tax considerations, to name a few.
Durkin & Durkin, LLC can ensure that you avoid these and other
legal pitfalls by calling upon our extensive experience in:
  • business formations (Incorporation, Limited Liability Companies or “LLCs”, Partnerships)
  • business licensing
  • bylaws, shareholder agreements and operating agreements
  • business purchase and sales
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • non-compete agreements
  • contract negotiation and drafting
  • business litigation
  • succession planning

If you have a need for a Closely Held Business lawyer,
call Durkin & Durkin at 973-244-9969 or 212-349-8173.

Closely Held Business Attorney